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Product of the Month – May 2016

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It is a pleasure to reveal May’s Product of the Month, a house favourite, Isager Alpaca 2. As with all POMs, we’re offering a 10% discount (20% for members) on this yarn throughout the month of May, so here’s your chance to try out the yarn if you haven’t before, or to stock up as needed.

Isager yarns are a mainstay of Denmark’s knitting world, and the Alpaca 2 is a fingering-weight yarn blend of 50 per cent merino and 50 per cent alpaca. It has a beautiful hand, and finished items carry a light halo from the alpaca. The yarn produces light yet warm garments, with the merino lending it some memory,  which makes it perfect for lacework that needs to be opened up. At a generous 247 metres per 50 g, a skein goes a long, long way. And then there’s the colour range, which is as wide as it is complementary. Truly, this is one yarn to add to your collection; we know that those who’ve used it come back to it time and again.

Here are some ideas on what to make with it.

Colourwork lovers can rejoice in Marianne Isager’s Summer in Tokyo from her book Japanese Inspired Collections – it means you do not have to confine yourself to knitting in just one colour.


Source: Interweave Knits

The drape from the alpaca/merino blend lends itself well to this postive-ease Isabell Kramer Westbourne sweater. That it’s seamless and knit top-down means it’s easily customised to your preferences, and there’s minimal finishing.


Source: Grasflecken

For versatility, little beats a simple, classic cardigan; this is Louise Light from Carrie Bostick Hoge.


Source: Carrie Bostick Hoge

Marnie McLean’s Pas de Valse is a loose cardigan knit in one piece, and the light halo from the alpaca will make the finished piece seem all the more luxurious (not to mention fill out the fabric a little). As you can see below, it can be worn in many ways.


Source: Marnie

Isager Alpaca 2 is pretty hard to pass up for stoles and shawls. Make them big and generous enough so you can be enveloped in the fabric, like this Vector from Tanis Lavallee, which is knit on the bias in garter stitch with a crisp, slipped-stitch edging.


Source: Brooklyn Tweed

Karen made a stunning Moonraker as part of the Sunspun Shawl-a-Long using four colours of Isager.


And if you are after something a little pretty with intricate patterning, the bud lacework in this Swallowtail Shawl is easy enough to memorise and blooms beautifully after blocking.

Source: Interweave Knits

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