Sunspun Fine Yarns

Product of the Month – April

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Our April Product of the Month is MillaMia 5 ply yarn, which we know many of you are fans of. POM means there’s a 10% discount (20% for members) on the yarn, so now’s the time to stock up, especially since the yarn won’t be available to us wholesale anymore once our stocks are exhausted.

This merino yarn is beautiful to work with, and if you’re knitting people who fear the itch factor from wool, MillaMia is the yarn to use. They are divine for baby and kids’ clothes, and drape so well in adults’ clothes. Stitches are crisp and defined in this plied yarn, and its wide colour range is particularly well suited to colourwork. Plus, it’s machine-washable. We have some samples instore for you to look at while you decide.

The patterns above come from MillaMia pattern books, which we are selling at half-price, so drop by and pick up a bargain.

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