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If you follow us on Instagram, you’d already know that we’ve just announced the next suite of classes for the second half of the year, which begin in July and take us up to November with a Christmas decorations class.


What will you make today?

We are pleased to have our regular teachers Karen Prior and Sue Grandfield back. Jules is coming in for a one-night-only class, and Melissa Piesse is on board for a special Sunday workshop on tapestry weaving.

Photo 6-06-2015 9 59 38 am

Karen is our resident teacher, and runs many of our classes.
With forty years’ experience, she will be able to help with all aspects of knitting and crochet. 

There is so much wisdom to be gleaned in the three-hour Wednesday classes, which cover the spectrum of skill level from basic beginners’ crochet (12 August) to reading knitting patterns and schematics (22 July) plus finishing tips that will ensure a neat and professional knit (15 July).


Karen’s finishing class on 28 October takes you beyond weaving in ends
to grafting, blocking techniques, seaming methods and much, much more.

Colour lovers cannot afford to miss Sue’s masterclass on slip stitches and mosaic knitting to create texture, woven effects and geometric shapes (29 July).

Photo 17-02-2012 1 13 48 pm

Sue has created designs for international yarn houses including
Wollmeise, Black Trillium and Beautiful Silks. You can find her patterns here.

pick and mix hat1 002_medium2

Sue’s Pick and Mix Hat is knit in the round, and shows the infinite possibilities of colourwork. 

There are classes on modular knitting (26 August), getting the most out of Ravelry (14 October), and one on help for the unfinished objects in your life (9 September). Come along and let Karen encourage you over the hump!


The Beekeeper’s Quilt: an example of modular knitting (not covered in the class).

Jules will run a session on knitting for speed and comfort, looking at different styles – English, Continental, Portuguese and Lever, explaining the pros and cons of each (2 September).

Photo 7-04-2015 3 00 47 am

Jules will be back from the UK and will run a class for us.

Besides these regular Wednesday-night classes, we also have Sunday yarn workshops, which run for longer and include more involved class projects.

If you are reasonably new to knitting, for instance, and always wondered at the finer points of knitting in the round, let Karen take you through the best way to join in the round, making jogless stripes and more (2 August).


Amy is making the Hermaness hat in Cascade 220 as part of the Fringe Association #fringehatalong,
a perfect illustration of why the skills of knitting in the round and reading charts are invaluable. 

If you love the finished look of crochet but have always been a bit flummoxed by the language and terminology, conquer it once and for all in this workshop on 9 August, and take home a pair of fingerless mitts you’ll make on the day.


Our Blossom kit: a simple, modular crochet project.
Make one yourself after one of Karen’s crochet classes.

We’re very pleased to have Melissa Piesse on board on 23 August for a one-day tapestry-weaving workshop (kit and all materials included in class fee of $150). You’ll learn how to warp a loom, weave shapes and lines, and explore colour, pattern and techniques.

Photo 22-06-2015 1 03 59 pm

Melissa specialises in teaching textiles, weaving, embroidery and more.

More details on the classes can be found here. You can book by calling or emailing us.

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