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Solstice Colour

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The winter solstice this weekend brings with it the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere – and with it, thoughts of warmth, bonfires, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and as much woolly goodness as can be put on.


While we love our monochromes in Melbourne especially, there’s nothing like putting colour to work to brighten these shorter days and longer nights. Should you be after a guide, Margaret Radcliffe’s Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques is an indispensable reference that will lead to years of happy knitting. The book covers everything from basic colour theory to fair isle (stranded) knitting, intarsia, entrelac, twined knitting stitches and more. There are detailed stitch guides, patterns, finishing techniques, all well illustrated with step-by-step colour photos.IMG_1395

color_knitting_techniques_2If you love multicoloured/variegated/speckled yarns in their skein but never quite know what to do with them (guilty …), this book shows how to best use the yarn, colour and design – with illustrations so you can see if the finished result is to your taste.

IMG_1398Slip-stitch patterns in coloured yarn are one of the easiest knitting techniques that produce amazing effects for very little effort. This hat from Renee Rico is a great stash-buster too.


Source: Renee Rico

Linen stitch is another stitch that is easy to make, but produces a rich, woven-like fabric.


Source: Shelly Sheehan

This Brioche Hat and Cowl set would look fabulous in a variegated or highly busy colour yarn worked back with a strong neutral.


Jennifer Beaumont’s pixelated accessories collection includes patterns for a cowl, hat and mitts. She uses Madeline Tosh yarn in her designs, but they can be easily swapped for the Rowan, Cascade and Debbie Bliss yarns that we carry. Come in, and we’ll work with you to make the necessary swaps.


Source: André Beaumont

Her pixelated contiguous sweater with set-in sleeves is completely seamless and knit in DK yarn from the top down, in the round. There are some striking finished pieces on Ravelry, and again, what fun it’ll be to put your own palette together.


Little says colour and winter better than a blanket, and Georgie Hallam has beautiful finished examples on her blog. Her Memory Blanket, a mitred-square blanket knit in leftover DK yarn, has inspired many knitters to create their own. This is one of those pick-up-and-put-down projects that you chip away at, and the whole is much, much more – and meaningful – than the sum of its parts.


Source: Georgie Hallam

It would be derelict to not mention Noro when talking about colour, so here’s a high contrast Pop Art-inspired blanket that really shows off the Noro palette to sumptuous effect. (And while you’re at it, check out the graphic Fly Away blanket too: stunning.)


Source: Tin Can Knits

Sarah London’s Ravelry page is heaven for those who think too much colour is never enough; her Wool Eater Blanket is crocheted in the round from the centre out.


Source: crochet86

Whether your taste runs to honeycomb motifs, Catherine wheels, modern damask or argyle, we hope these fresh takes on colourwork brighten a few of your winter evenings.


Source: Michelle Mooney

PS: If you’re at a loose end and in Melbourne, the Collingwood Children’s Farm is holding a bonfire today with a children’s lantern parade, drummers and fire twirlers and a bonfire. More information here.

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