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When the sun is shining, the air warm and the sky blue, it can be hard to think of working with wool. Mercifully, there is such a good selection of lighter weight yarns and non-woolly options such as linen, silk and cotton to play with that knitters and crocheters do not need to sit with their hands idle.

Midsummer is also when many of us start planning our cooler-weather knits, taking heed of trends and styles playing out in the northern hemisphere (hot tip: brioche stitch), and adapting them to our lifestyle and use. And asking tough questions such as, will I really, really wear this It Pattern? Does it go with the rest of my wardrobe and what I usually wear? Or, what the hell, I’m ready to try something new!

One of our favourite sources of inspiration is Brooklyn Tweed, whose latest collection for Winter 2015 is just out. As ever, it has us wanting to queue everything. Brooklyn Tweed’s collections are always wearable yet stylish, fashionable yet timeless, and their instructions are impeccable. This season features designs by Michele Wang, Véronik Avery, Norah Gaughan, Jared Flood and Julie Hoover.

We like Julie’s la-di-da nod to Annie Hall with a woven-stitch turtleneck pullover with bell sleeves, appropriately named Keaton. We don’t carry BT yarns because they can barely meet their domestic demand, but we can see Keaton working in our Shilasdair or Isager yarns.

keaton_5-600x900 keaton_2-600x900

Source: Brooklyn Tweed

Another delightful Hoover pattern is Harper, a stretchy slouch cap in a striped twisted rib. It’s a very tidy toque that doesn’t take much yarn, and you’ll have fun selecting two contrasting or tonal colours for this project. We can see this working beautifully with Shibui or any luxurious fingering-weight one-skeins you have.


Source: Julie Hoover

Jared Flood’s dramatic Carpeaux shows off its architectural form through cables, ribs and brioche stitch. As with other Jared projects, the finish is polished and well realised. Any strong worsted or 10 ply yarn will produce a handsome result.


Source: Brooklyn Tweed

We carry some printed BT patterns in-store, but they are readily available for download through their website or Ravelry. (And just for a bit of fun, here’s Julie shooting Jared when they spent their day at the New York Met seeking inspiration.)


Source: Julie Hoover

In Store News, back by popular demand is the buttery, super-soft Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace. Each 100 g hank is a generous 795 metres, perfect for an ethereally light shawl or a whisper-soft cardigan.


We know it’s a bit daggy to get excited about needles, but these ones by Hiroshima are so beautiful to behold, we want to tell everyone about them! We stock the sharps and blunt-tipped tapestry needles, which come in a little cork-tipped acrylic test tube. Such a good idea!

HiroshimaNeedlesWe’ve also just restocked the Tasmanian Art Viva needles, which come in 4 mm, 5 mm and 6mm. These distinctive handcrafted needles make every project a pleasure, and are perfect for new junior knitters.


Clover crochet kits have also been replenished, and come in a nifty zippered pouch of ten hooks.


Finally, if you’re tired of getting jabbed while seaming, give these wonder clips a go. They hold the pieces together while you work.


What are you planning to make for autumn and winter this year? Drop us a line and let us know.

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