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Christmas gift guide 3

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Our final list of best yarn-related gifts ever is for all of you last-minute gift buyers… We hope it helps- just so you know, we’ll be here until 5pm on Christmas Eve!


Stocking fillers for $15 and under:

  •  A Lilly Brush for removing pills and hair from your hand knits- and other things! $13.95
Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush


  • For the plumpest and most beautiful pompoms, you need Clover pompom makers, which come in a variety of sizes (even a heart-shaped one!) and make the process of making pompoms super easy; sets of 2, $9.50-$18.95
Clover pompom makers

Clover pompom makers


For $30 and under:

  • A large bottle of Soak, our favourite for washing all your woollies- this stuff is so gentle that you don’t even need to rinse it out. 4 options for scents, including one scentless: 375ml, $22
Soak Wash

Soak Wash


  • For the newbie knitter, a Clover accessories set with everything you need to move on from  basic knits, including double-ended stitch holders, a tape measure, stitch markers, needles for seaming, a needle gauge and a pouch to keep them all safe: $29


  •  A skein of gorgeous hand-dyed Skein Top Draw Sock yarn, enough for a pair of socks for you or a loved one: super wash merino/ nylon, 400m/ 100gm, $28
Skein Top Draw Sock

Skein Top Draw Sock


For $50 and over:

  • Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle knittingthe bible for this style of colourwork knitting with sections covering history, colour, motifs, materials and techniques, as well as some classic 1980’s designs! $46 (you even get some change back on this one!)
Alice Statmore's Book of Fair Isle knitting

Alice Statmore’s Book of Fair Isle knitting


  • Everything you need to make Shibui’s No.6 Hat– for you and a friend! Simple and super-wearable, this slouchy beanie is knitted with a strand each of Silk Cloud and Baby Alpaca DK held together, making a super luxurious and soft fabric: $55 for the pattern and yarn (since Baby Alpaca comes in 100gm skeins, you get enough yarn to make two hats).
No. 6 Hat

No. 6 Hat


  • And, finally, the old favourite, a Sunspun gift certificate. We know a voucher can seem a bit of an easy way out but most knitters would rather use a voucher on something they’ve been coveting for ages than try to find a use for the yarn you thought they’d like!

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