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Upcoming classes: Textured knitting


​Textured patterns have a long history in knitting; consider the intricate patterns of fisherman’s ganseys and aran jumpers or the delicate lace panels of a baby’s gown. Textures can prove effective in adding detail and interest into your finished pieces and enabling you to embellish and personalise your knitting and work well in both solid or multi-coloured yarns. Newer knitters can be perturbed and a little put off by some of the seemingly complicated methods of adding textures to their work, but this class is here to take you beyond basic stocking stitch and show you how to work textured stitches with confidence.  ​After all, texture is made with mostly just variations of knit and purl, isn’t it?

Marlene Socks by Cookie A

Slip-stitch baby cardigan

Slip-stitch baby cardigan

 This is a project-based class so you’ll take something home a finished (or almost!) object after the class. The class teacher, our own lovely Kylie, has designed a wee triangular kerchief called Trail Mix to introduce knitters to textured stitch patterns​; each section of this kerchief uses a different stitch pattern and introduces a new method for adding texture to knitting, such as slipped stitches, knit/purl combinations, cables, eyelets, lace and bobbles.​ As you work through the different sections, this kerchief will ​take you on a lovely meandering hike over mossy trails, paddock fences, an apiary and a pine forest, and finally finishing at a pebbly creek.
Trail Mix Shawlette

Trail Mix Shawlette

During the class, we’ll also be discussing how to read from pattern charts, something that until people are often wary of until they experience how clear they really are.  Charts are becoming increasingly prevelant in contemporary patterns and can make working complicated stitch patterns a little simpler.  They also allow the designer to condense the physical size of their patterns, meaning they require less printing and are easier to travel with for the knitter on the go.  We’ll be working from both charts and written instructions, to highlight the differences of both methods.

 So grab your materials (and maybe some hiking boots and a snack) and you’re ready to get started!


100g of 8ply yarn: a smooth-textured, ​solid or heathered yarn in a light colour will best showcase the textured stitches​

4mm needles of your choice

2 stitch markers or a few scraps of yarn


This shawl was specifically designed for this class at Sunspun and each participant will receive a printed copy of the pattern, not available anywhere else until October 2014!​​ Please email or call the shop to book your place.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming classes: Textured knitting

  1. Kylie’s Trail mix kerchief is such a brilliant way to teach texture and still make something practical and lovely. It seems to be the best kind of sampler. Congratulations Kylie. Beautiful work.

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