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As knitters who have all been shopping at Sunspun since we first started knitting, we’ve always coveted the beautiful publications put out by the yarn companies carried at the shop. After all, yes, there may sometimes only be one or two projects in a book that we know we want to knit but honestly, who can resist the incredibly beautiful Rowan magazines or Debbie Bliss with her gorgeous, moss-stitch-clad babies?! Those publications are part of a collection and we love having them on our bookshelves at home. We pore over them and find inspiration in the stitches, colours and styling in their pages, encouraging us to try things we really don’t imagine we could succeed at making.

But, having matured as knitters on the internet and Ravelry, we also like being able to buy individual pattern leaflets, often from independent designers whose approach can be quite different to the designers working for large yarn companies. This is why we’re broadening our pattern range at Sunspun and will be carrying the latest books and magazines from our yarn producers, as well as a wide range of individual pattern leaflets.

We now have a good selection of designs (around 50!) from Brooklyn Tweed. This New York-based yarn company and design house are known for their clean designs that blend traditional and modern techniques with wearability and that are always interesting to knit! Like a lot of small companies, these patterns are written with care and precision and include a lot of detail on techniques and sizing, so you always feel you’re on the right track.


Brooklyn Tweed Men

Brooklyn Tweed Men




Blueprint with loads of information on fit


We also have a wide range of patterns from even smaller independent designers, such as Olgajazzy, Rebecca Danger, Jane Richmond, Tincan Knits, Joji Locatelli, Tiny Owl Knits and Kirsten Johnstone. There is so much talent out there in the knitting world and we’ve so far only got a small percentage of their designs, from colourwork mittens and lace scarves and shawls to blankets, kids leg warmers and whimsical animals.


Aranami by Olgajazzy

Aranami by Olgajazzy


We’ll be adding more designers to our collection and are currently waiting on a series of patterns from small but widely-loved designers Kate Davies and Georgie Hallam of Tikki Knits– so do keep enquiring about new arrivals when you come into the shop.

We really hope that you enjoy having access to so many different designers and that the many ways in which they design and construct their patterns creates some really interesting knitting for you!

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