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5 things we love…

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The knits, patterns, people and movements that are currently inspiring us…


1.  The month-long Craft Cubed, Craft Victoria’s annual festival of experimental, skilled and ideas-based craft and design, with exhibitions, installations, open studios, workshops and events going on Victoria-wide program throughout August. Our picks are Ilka White’s workshops on weaving and braided rugs, textile artist and photographer Siri Hayes’ open studio and Handmakers Factory’s shibori cushion workshop.


2.  The new collection of patterns from Shibui (now in-store), including beautiful designs from Lori Versace and Kirsten Johnstone:

Mix No. 31 by Lori Versace

Mix No. 31 by Lori Versace

Mix No. 31 by Lori Versace

Mix No. 31 by Lori Versace

Monochrome Blur by Kirsten Johnstone

Monochrome Blur by Kirsten Johnstone


3.  The Tweedback Thursday competition going on at Brooklyn Tweed at the moment- a great excuse to drag out your childhood photo album and hunt out some shots of you or your loved ones in favourite childhood hand knits! At the very least, you’ll have a giggle and you may even win some Brooklyn Tweed yarn. (Speaking of BT, we just received a big pile of their fabulous patterns- more on those next week but we’re pretty sure you’re going to love them.)


4.  The fact that it’s only 4 weeks today until the Craft Sessions! Today is the very last day to register so be quick if you’re still thinking of coming.


5.  Going with the theme of craft camps, the stories and images from the Fancy Tiger adventure to an incredible Estonian craft camp, complete with traditional colourwork mittens, bone needle carving, Estonian lace, ribbon weaving and so much incredible craft. Definitely food for thought when it comes to craft-focused travel!

Estonian gloves (image from

Estonian gloves (image from

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