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In focus: Skein Yarns

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Those of you who follow us on Instagram will already have seen the latest yarn to hit the Sunspun shelves but, for everyone else, may we introduce Skein Yarn…

Merino Silk Lace

Merino Silk Lace

Skein is a small, independent, hand-dyed yarn and fibre company based in the beautiful north coast of NSW, known for glorious colour and unique hand-dyed colour ways on high-quality yarns and fibres. We are so pleased to be able to carry Kristen’s yarns, mostly just because they are so beautiful and dyed with such care and detail but also because she is local and we are very keen to carry as much Australian yarn as we can! Kristen uses yarns made of high-quality, natural fibres (with the exception of some of her sock yarns, which have added nylon for strength and durability) and are kettle dyed using professional, acid-based dyes.  These dyes are permanently set by the use of a vinegar mordant and heat.  Once the dyes have been fully absorbed and the kettle water is clear, the yarns and fibre are removed, rinsed and washed with a light, phosphate-free wool wash, and then spun and hung out to dry under the Australian sun. Kristen produces semi-solid and variegated colourways with short, random colour repeats that minimise the ‘pooling’ common to hand-dyed yarns and results in a sometimes-subtle, sometimes lively, patterning. Speckles and spots of colour may be present, which, when knitted up, add depth and life to your knitting.  Yarns are dyed in batches of 500gm and dye-lots do vary between batches.

We currently have 3 Skein yarns:

Merino Silk Lace is a wonderfully soft, light and lustrous yarn that produces a fine, lightweight fabric with a wonderful drape and metallic sheen, making it ideal for lace projects, shawls and wraps. 

50% Merino, 50% silk

2ply weight in 6 colours

700 meters/ 100gm skein

Gentle hand wash in warm water

$32/ 100gm

Lace 4

Merino Silk Lace


Top Draw Sock is smooth, soft and durable, making it perfect for socks. It is soft enough to wear next to the skin, which means it is also a great choice for baby clothing and blankets and adult garments too. One skein will make an adult pair of socks.

85% superwash Merino, 15% nylon

4ply weight in 12 colours

400 meters in 95g

Gentle machine wash in cold water

$28/ 100gm

Top Draw Sock

Top Draw Sock


Merino Silk Sport is beautifully soft with the trademark lustre of silk. This yarn will produce a smooth, silky fabric with wonderful drape, making it perfect for cardigans, tops, jumpers and any garment worn next to the skin, as well as shawls and other accessories.
50% Merino, 50% silk
6ply weight in 27 colours
332 meters/ 95g skein
Gentle hand wash in warm water
$30/ 100gm
Merino Silk Sport

Merino Silk Sport

Sport 1

Sport 1


Swatching with Merino Silk Sport


We’ll be back next week with some tips on knitting with (and choosing patterns for) hand-dyed yarns!

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  1. Love meeting you last week, beautiful yarns, smiley service 😊 and a beautiful new layout! Blew my “socks” off 😳…. It sounded better when I thought of it 😅

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