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Flash Noro sale!


In preparation for the arrival of the beautiful new winter colours from Noro, we’re having a huge flash sale on a lot of our Noro yarns: Iro, Kogarashi, Kochoran, Mossa, Odori and Sekku!

Kochoran with angora

Kochoran with angora

Bulky Noro yarns

Bulky Noro yarns

If you’re not already familiar with Noro yarns, these beauties are all about colour and texture! Made in Japan from unusual fibre blends (such as Kochoran, a blend of 50% wool, 30% angora and 20% silk) and often startling combinations of colours, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy knitting them- the yarn does the rest.

With the exception of Sekku, a laceweight blend of cotton, wool, nylon and silk, all the yarns on sale are on the thick side and come as 100gm skeins: Iro is a 75% wool/ 25% silk blend and is knitted on 6-8mm needles, Kogarashi is 51% silk and 49% wool (6mm needles), Kochoran is 50% wool, 30% angora and 20% silk (6.5mm needles), Mossa is 52% wool, 16% rayon, 11% silk and 11% mohair (5mm needles) and Odori is 40% silk, 25% wool, 25% angora and 10% mohair (on 6.5-8mm needles). Our dream uses for these yarns are blankets and cushions, cosy scarves and cowls, tea cosies and bags.

With original prices ranging from $14.95 to $29.95, these yarns are all now $11! This price stands until all stock is sold. We have a number of different colourways in good quantities in each yarn, which you can see on our website or in the shop… and don’t forget that we are happy to process orders by email or phone and send yarn to you if you aren’t able to get in to the shop.


2 thoughts on “Flash Noro sale!

  1. I love your new letter and sales program but would you mind clarifying whether you are still stocking Noro please. Have the lines on sale been discontinued?

    • Hi Marjorie- yes, we’ll definitely still be carrying Noro! Other than Mossa, the lines on sale have all been discontinued so that is why we have reduced the price. We will continue to carry the three weights of Silk Garden, as well as Kureyon, Taiyo and Taiyo Sock. I hope that is useful!

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