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A happy 2014!

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All of us here at Sunspun hope you had a happy and festive end to 2013 and wish you a wonderful New Year! We also hope that you have had at least a little break and are enjoying this lovely quiet time in Melbourne… It’s such a lovely time of year because, with so many people away, it feels like a big country town- and that little window of free time after New Year always feels like a lovely chance to plan craft projects for the months ahead.

2013 was such a transition year for us all, with Sue retiring to pursue other lovely activities (hello, bridge!) and Amy taking the reins. Stalwarts Jackie and Jenny held things steady while Amy learned the ropes and then welcomed Jules into the fold… but now things are gently falling into place and we are so excited about our future! We have so many plans for this lovely place… Due to a lack of space, we recently made the difficult decision to stop carrying patchwork and tapestry products so that we could really focus on knitting and crochet and squeeze as much lovely yarn into the shop as possible! We’ll be keeping all the gorgeous colours and textures of Rowan, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Ella Rae et al but we’re also in the process of sourcing a whole lot of new and beautiful yarns from around the globe, many of you’ll be itching to try if you’ve read about them on Ravelry- so do keep an eye out on this space.

In the meantime, in anticipation of all the beautiful new yarns jetting our way, we are continuing our super flash sales over the summer! We currently have a sale on a large number of our books and patterns and have taken a huge 40% off many of our titles. This discount applies until the stock is all gone.

And we also want to tell you that we are now part of the Ravelry Local Yarn Store which means that you can buy many of the patterns available on Ravelry while you are here in the shop and we’ll print them out for you! We love our pattern books but sometimes you just want one pattern… and there are literally millions of patterns on Ravelry so this is a great way to choose from a huge number of patterns. Just ask us if you’d like to use this service.

Speaking of space, we have been quietly reorganizing the shop and have had lots of really positive feedback from our regulars, who are finding it easier to see and find our beautiful yarns. Actually, we have a slightly grander plan in the works and will keep you posted on that but we think you’ll like what we are doing! And once we have more room in the shop, we’ll be reinstating our ever-popular classes (think seamless knitting, finishing your knits, crochet…) and clinics to help you solve any craft quandaries you have. We don’t have any class dates set but anticipate that they will begin around the end of March or beginning of April- just in time for autumn…

And, just in case you’re feeling like things around here are changing too fast for you to keep up, you can keep connected with what we’re up to via Instagram and Twitter! We hope you enjoy the ride!

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